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Interchangeable Pairs



Interchangeable Pairs is played on Friday afternoons at 2.00pm. Take a look at the Calendar (purple sections) for dates of fixtures and watch this space for details of results as they come in.


Any queries, please contact Rob on 07736 773906.

Friday May 5th to Friday June 9th @ 2.00pm
Rules are very basic, playing under normal bowling laws.
Each game will be 2 sets 5 ends in each set.
The lead will change on each set.
2 games each day.
The winners will be the best aggregate score or unless it a draw.
2 points for the win or 1 each for a draw.
2 games played each day.
The overall winner will be the player from both leagues with the most points if players have the same points, it will be the best aggregate score.
Please let me know ASAP if there are any weeks you cannot play.
Should we have to cancel any day due to the weather we will play on the 16th or 23rd June.
Also please note on the last afternoon we will end the league with Cheese & Biscuits Tea/Coffee or a tipple of your choice.



League Table

One game to go and everything to play for!



League 1



League 2



Mark Harvey, Carol Pope, Elwyn Evans, Alan Hughes,

 Pat Parker, Trish Millington

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