If you have not already done so, please complete and submit this form to apply for membership of Guilsfield Community Bowling Club. We'd also be grateful if you could complete the additional suggestions form. This is your chance to have your say.
Please note: 2023 fees will be reviewed at our committee meeting in February 2023 to decide if increases are required to reflect the increased energy and green upkeep costs.
Membership fees can be paid at your earliest convenience based on 2022 fees. However, if it is decided at the meeting of the Executive Committee in February 2023, that an increase is needed then your full 2023 membership fees must be paid by 30/4/2023.

Due to the closure of our local branch of Nat West - bank transfer is preferred.

Please use your name as reference.

Cash payments to be given to Lyn Fitzgerald - Hon Treasurer
Please make cheques payable to Guilsfield Community Bowling Club

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