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Brain Food


You all know the feeling. Long, dark winter days. No 'proper' outdoor bowling to keep our brains alert. Well, here's the antidote. This page will tickle your grey matter and keep you spruce for when we emerge again next spring.
We'll start off with Droodles. 


 It's simple...just tell us what the picture is. Clue: the wackier the better. Here's an example.

This is a picture of a spider doing a handstand. Get it?

So, have a look at the one below and let us know what you think. All answers will be published, so keep it clean! 


Come on people...this one's easy peasy!!!

Thanks for getting creative!



Alan and Mike H both think this is a man with his bow tie caught in the doors of a lift.


Lyn has been thinking! She reckons it could be a diabolo! Or a giant's dickie bow tie or a snake wearing a dickie!







Tony thought this is a shark swimming towards him with its mouth open.


Sarah thought it's a vicious circle.

Alan thought it's a tooth cavity. Ouch!

Lyn thought it's a mirror reflection of four wizards!

The correct answer was a viscious circle but the winner is LYN for the most bonkers suggestion. Well done!


 Sarah thought it's a bird fallen in a hole. She's close!

Trish reckoned an ostrich has buried its head too far.

Rob said: 'It looks like me falling down a drain hole (I know it needs to be a big hole.)


And the answer was: An early bird who caught a very strong worm!

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