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Club News

Painting the Clubhouse

Front door 2024.jpeg

John B has painted the door to the Clubhouse.


Rumour has it that he plans to start on the windows next.

Thank you John

A second shed for the green


With the remaining balance of our Sports Wales Grant from last year we have purchased a second Keter Storage shed to hold ephemera for the green - mats, jack, scoreboards, pushers etc.. 

Haydn made a space in the hedge and laid the base; Pete and John assembled the shed and slotted it in.

Thanks to all.

New Shed 2024.jpeg

Team Tarmac - rebranded


Our heroes strike again - this time to put a fresh coat of paint on the shed.

And not being content with that, they went on to paint the gate and fences too!

Painting the shed 2024-04.jpg
Tidying 2024-04.jpg

Donation from The Oak Inn


Thank you so much to Jess and Aled from The Oak Inn who very kindly donated £50 each to both Guilsfield Bowling Club and to Guilsfield & Llandrinio Cricket Club.

Jess is seen with our Chairman John Points. We are very grateful to Jess, Aled and Staff.

Donation from the Cegidfa Football Club

For five years, Cegidfa Football Club competed in the Newtown Sunday League and ensured there was a game of football for anyone local looking for a game.

The team won seven trophies, but with the popularity of Sunday football waning, the club called it a day, shortly before the league folded.

However, it was a prolific fundraiser and ended its days with more than £2,000 in the bank which has this week been distributed amongst seven Guilsfield sports clubs and organisations.

Steve Jones was a committee member of CFC and presented us with a cheque for £400 which we used towards purchasing a new bench.

Cedigfa Football Club Donation.jpg
CFC bench_edited.png

Team Tarmac

Pete, Lynn, Sue and John, who affectionately re-named themselves #teamtarmac, spent hours during the Summer of 2023 applying tarmac paint onto the path around the green to seal the chippings to prevent them getting on the green and damaging the new mower. The tarmac paint was purchased with a grant we received from Tesco.


Bench and Path.jpg


These four members worked tirelessly most Mondays at the club cleaning, digging, painting and generally anything that needed doing.  Including their initiation to the club, by digging a huge lump of concrete out of the ground so we could replace a rotten fence post!

Equipment to assist the less able bodied

With the Sports Wales grant, we have been able to purchase a lot of new equipment to assist the less able bodied, including a walking frame, a wheelchair, 2 sets of corner steps, a smaller shed so the equipment is more accessible, bright coloured woods, bowlers lifters and delivery arms.


One man went to mow


... and now as featured in the 2024 Fortis Brochure.

It looks like a man who takes his mowing very seriously!


Thanks to a grant from Sport Wales we were able to purchase a new mower which has made a marked difference to the condition of the green!

fortis catalogue photo.jpeg

Our new irrigation system

We needed a new irrigation system to keep our green in top condition. The cumbersome system that our Greenkeepers were using was in need of an upgrade and an automated system seemed the best way forward. Thanks  to Will Allen of Rainband Irrigation we now have a new system that can water the Green while we are still sleeping!


Club members Haydn and  Steve were there to assist Dave and Will from Rainband Irrigation with the labouring on many cold days during the winter of 2022/2023 so that the system was installed, up and running, and the green ready to open, at the beginning of the new season. We obtained a grant from the Postcode Lottery to purchase the new water tank, pump and concrete base; the rest of the funds came from our own reserves. Haydn and Steve also altered the guttering so that we can divert rainwater from our roof into the tank when we need to.

See pictures of the project in the Gallery ...


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