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Centred Title in Heading 2

Subtitle in Heading 3 (if required / warranted)


Main body in Paragraph 1. Preferably left aligned ...

Position text elements so that one immediately follows its predecessor and use an initial blank line in the successor element to maintain an appropriate spacing.

Append a blank line to the final paragraph of a text element to allow each section to be of minimum length and maintain spacing with the next section.

Use Heading 3 for Section Headings

And Paragraph 1 for the section body.

Use a new section  for each new section heading and repeat until done.

Another Section

Another section body ...

Use Heading 4 for subheadings within a section

And Paragraph 2 for longer / more detailed content

Section Naming and In-Page Menus


Name each section to enable an in-page menu a easy navigation between sections. See top-left for an example ...

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